Advanced Electrical network course

This course is designed to provide the industry professional with an advanced understanding of the principles of a Vehicle Network & Diagnostics.
This course is a progression from the 5-day Electrical & Electronics Testing & Diagnostics course.


• Basic Electrics, Units, Terminology, Basic testing
• Oscilloscope
• Frequency
• Numbering systems, Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal
• Generating fault codes
• Configuration of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) Networks
• Network physical topology (electrical connections)
• Transceiver, Unidirectional, Bidirectional, Bi-directional differential bus
• Dominant and Recessive states
• Full Duplex and Half Duplex
• Bit Rate and Baud Rate
• Tests to carry out when the diagnostic tool isn’t working, Basic meter checks, Oscilloscope tests
• Can Bus Network, Signal Interference, Testing with scope and multi meter
• Gateway
• Local Interconnect Network (LIN)
• Media Oriented System Transport (MOST)
• Course end test

Candidates will be required to pass an online assessment at the end of the course to gain the award.

Course Duration

2 days


£300 per candidate

The fee includes course material, registration and certification.

All prices are excluding VAT