If you’re leaving school next year, you may be considering taking on an apprenticeship. That’s great! You might have your mind made up already, but in case you haven’t, we hope this blog shows you why it would be the best thing you ever did, especially in the automotive industry.

Here are the best things about becoming an apprentice.

It’s Much Better Than School

Don’t get us wrong, but sometimes school can be tiring, especially if you’re approaching adult age. The older you get, the more you probably want to get into work and start earning a living to become truly independent.

Well, on an apprenticeship, that’s exactly what happens. Not only do you gain that sense of adult achievement, working on an apprenticeship can be far more satisfying than schoolwork. At least you’ll never have to attend class.

You Gain Excellent Qualifications

You don’t just start an apprenticeship to work, of course. At the end of it, you’ll gain excellent qualifications that will allow you to further advance in your career. It’s kind of like a GCSE, only better.

Opens Many Options

Breaking into the field you want to work in opens many doors for you. Like qualifications, you’ll gain the right experience to know where you want to go next and what steps you should take to bring it to fruition.

You Meet Lots of New People

Being on an apprenticeship means you get to meet many like-minded people. These people may be apprentices like yourself or they could be your tutors. You might even become best friends with your boss! It’s chance to meet great new colleagues and friends, regardless.

Get Straight into Working!

Like we mentioned, once you get out of school and onto the apprenticeship programme, you’ll be getting straight into work, something you’re probably itching to do. While you’ll still be learning, you’ll be part of a work environment, adding to your sense of achievement and freedom.

Interested in becoming an apprentice at S&B automotive? Check our apprenticeships page to see what opportunities there are on offer.