Covid-19: MOTs To Be Made Mandatory from August 2020

Due to growing concerns of road safety, the six month delay on MOTs that British drivers were allowed due to Covid-19 has now been scrapped. Mandatory MOTs will be reintroduced from August 1st 2020.

With lockdown and working restrictions easing, it is vital that cars are road safe before driving, with Road Minister Baroness Vere urging garages to open and drivers to book in for their test.

Since March 30th 2020, owners of vehicles have been allowed an exemption of six months for their MOT, with that increasing to a year for those in Northern Ireland.

With one in three vehicles typically failing their test, this policy created some anxiety for drivers up and down the country.

With staycations looking more likely for UK residents, AA President Edmund King says that, “It makes sense to reintroduce MOT testing from 1st August.’

However, vehicle owners with an MOT due date before August 1st 2020 will still receive a six-month exemption.

Regardless of the extension, motorists remain legally responsible for the roadworthiness of their vehicles and can be prosecuted if their vehicle is unsafe. Anyone caught by police at the controls of an unsafe car can be prosecuted and fined up to £2,500.